I’m Quelcy (like “Quell the sea”), the recipe developer, stylist, photographer and crazy-dog-lady behind With The Grains.

With The Grains offers tales from my grainy kitchen, but these collections and recipes are about more than wheat, more than millet, more than rye. With The Grains is about living with nature, with the seasons, with respect for well-worn rolling pins and tattered recipes. It’s an ode to the slow, intentional sort of endeavors. This corner is about sharing my time, and my attention for the tiniest details, with those I love.

Quelcy Kogel, author of "The Gluten-Free Grains Cookbook" // www.WithTheGrains.com
Photo by Noah Purdy

My relationship with food has not always been harmonious. I once deprived myself as much as I could. I relished the false sense of control self-starvation can bring, but starvation also brings loneliness and heartache. I began to heal myself, slowly, and eventually, I came to relish the way food not only nourishes the body, but fills the heart and soul if grown and prepared in earnest.

I found myself baking and cooking, at first simply to avoid the ingredients I didn’t trust. However, in these kitchen experiments, I found a new communion. I found the same beauty I found through blank sketchbook pages. I found a reason to wander cities and countries, learning their time-tested lessons. I found a connection to the women who preceded me, who could make kolache by heart, who were always ready with a meal for someone in need and made me who I am.

Harvest and Gather Photo by Tom O'Connor 11
Photo by Tom O’Connor.

The more I learned, the more lessons I realized I had squandered. The daughter of a cattleman and a farmgirl, there were agricultural roots I wanted to restore. Fittingly, I was drawn to a designer who preferred to be shoeless in the dirt, and I preferred to be by his side. He has a name, but around here, I simply refer to him as “The Urban Farmer.”

Harvest and Gather Photo by Tom O'Connor 12
Photo by Tom O’Connor.

In 2014, “The Urban Farmer” founded Hazelwood Urban Farms, in an effort to bring fresh, organic produce to a Pittsburgh neighborhood classified as a food desert, and I became a farmhand in training. Accordingly, you’ll find plenty of posts dedicated to the inspiration his work brings me, including images from our dinner series, Harvest & Gather. You’ll also see lots of pictures of my loyal, kitchen assistant, Julep. She inspires me too! (You’ll also notice my hair changes quite a bit.)

Meet Julep // www.WithTheGrains.com

Thanks for joining me, and I’ll hope you’ll make yourself at home. Something is surely in the oven and will soon be ready to share.



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  1. i stumbled across your blog on the freshly pressed page (congrats btw!), and i just wanted to say that i love your ideas and recipes!
    that avocado-egg boat thing? for dinner tonight, for sure!

  2. I came to look at your drawings as they were mentioned inour Zero to Hero challenge today!They are wonderful! but I love your blog even more,and am going to share it with my daughter on facebook as she loves to bake and will love your blog also! I’ll be following! Helen

    1. Thanks Helen! I’ll have to look into this Zero to Hero challenge.

  3. I added your blog to my blogroll, “Noodling the Net for Fun and Inspiration.”

    1. 🙂 Thanks! I hope to provide those!

  4. So excited about your blog! The recipes and pictures look wonderful!

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