DIY Essential Oil Diffuser (A Trick for Air BnB’s)

With Mountain View, San Jose, Seattle, Portland, Oakhurst, Stockton, San Fran, Berkeley and Los Angeles under our belts, Lindsey and I have seen our fair share of planes, rental cars, and Air BnB's. Some of those homes-away-from-home have been so memorable as to be downright missable (did you meet Chaos the dog?!?). Others have been .... adequate. So when one of our Air BnB's had a certain "funk" to it, we devised this DIY Essential Oil Diffuser idea. 


A Christmas Tree Farm & Peppermint Chocolate Cookies for Santa

I was beginning to think Christmas tree farms were a thing of Hallmark, Hallmark movies or quaint New England towns that feel like Hallmark come to life (or better yet, scenes from "Christmas Vacation"). But thanks to my friend Theresa, I discovered Christmas tree farms do in fact exist, and more importantly, one does in fact exist nearby(ish)!