Our Hilltop House Dining Room Before & After

I have tremendous respect for DIYers, but I also have a lot of respect for the bones of our home. This is not the backdrop for me to test new remodeling skills. I want the craftsmanship of this house to be in the best of hands. Thankfully, our friends at Rooke Creative had an opening. To say our dining room was in the best of hands feels like an understatement. Look at this transformation...!


Our House As A Pie: Whole-Grain Gluten-Free Mixed Berry Pie

When it came time to thank our realtor for her part in our dream, I expressed my gratitude in my favorite way: through butter and flour. I made a pie with our Hilltop house on the crust and baked it with love. You don’t have to carve your dream house into the crust to make this pie, but I do hope you use this recipe to thank someone special in your life.


We Bought Our Dream House!

"We bought our dream house," is still something I say while pinching myself. It's a sentence that doesn't make sense. We very narrowly beat seven other bids on a house that could have waged an intense price battle had it stayed on the market for more than four days. It's a sentence that only makes sense because I believe in alchemy, in the universe conspiring with you when you take the first step. I wanted this house with my whole heart.