Gluten-Free Dog Treats for You & Your Dog To Share (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULEP!)

This week, on Earth Day, my baby turned seven! She has become a literary number, a good luck number, a Biblical number. This week, the love of my dog reminds me that time, all time, even socially-distanced time, is extremely precious and not to be taken for granted. 


How To Host A Gluten Free Easter Brunch For All To Enjoy

If the word for the table decor is "alive," then the word for the menu is "share." This menu is a compilation from my cookbook, The Gluten-Free Grains Cookbook. The heart and soul of this book is the notion of cooking and baking for others. Since gluten intolerances and celiacs is on the rise, these recipes are aimed at cooks, bakers and hosts who want to make the table as inclusive and sharable as possible. These are recipes for a Gluten Free Easter Brunch for everyone at the table to enjoy!


The Gluten-Free Grains Cookbook is One Week Old

April 9th was the "pub date" set very early in the process of working with my publisher and editor. Like an expectant mother, I marked this date in the calendar of my mind. I said it out loud so many times, disbelieving the day would ever be real. There were times I thought of this date with excited reverence, other times with dread and fear. How would I ever meet the intense deadlines necessary for April 9th to be real? 

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