White Nectarine Juleps

Skim this recipe quickly, and you might be surprised to see a glaring omission: bourbon. While Kentucky has popularized day-drinking mint and bourbon, it is not the only combo that qualifies as a Julep. (Although, if the classic is what you're craving, try my Cheater Mint Juleps.)


Muddled Cherry Mojitos with a Big Batch Option

A glass of wine, a Manhattan, an Old Fashioned, or a classic G&T are go-to drinks for good reason. Pour a little of this, a little of that, and you have yourself a nightcap. These muddled cherry mojitos are not that. This cocktail is a bloodbath of pitted cherries, a messy mash of limes and mint, and because of that extra work, it’s a call for celebration.


A Honey & Thyme Whiskey Sour Recipe

Oaky, sour, tart, creamy, and extremely sippable the classic whiskey sour recipe is a near-perfect drink. This version adds a few tweaks for the sake of variety. It starts with making a honey simple syrup - one of my favorite ways to sweeten cocktails, avoid processed sugars, and reap some of the benefits of honey. 


How I Proposed Domestic Partnership + A Falernum Cocktail Recipe

As a longtime freelancer, I've had to navigate the administrative pains and costs of health insurance on my own, so when my partner Dylan landed his hospital job and benefits package, my ears perked up. When I floated the idea of officially becoming domestic partners so I could be on his insurance, he somewhat jokingly said, "well, you better put a ring on it first." So, I did!


Cheater Mint Juleps

Mint Juleps get a lot of hype come Derby time in May, but the combination merits a longer summertime run, especially when mint is rampant. It’s an icy, refreshing flavor made for grilled pairings, days by the pool, a beachy nightcap, or simply a sipper while watching the fireflies.


Premixed Amaro Manhattan Cocktails to Share

When traveling, I'm always on the lookout for unique distilleries and drink experiences. A bonus of these premixed Amaro Manhattan cocktails is sharing spirits from my specialty collection without relinquishing the whole supply. These were drinks to sip and savor, and they become invitations to share the past traveling experiences.


Black Pepper & Thyme Old Fashioned Cocktail

Saying santé reminds me to take a first sip mindfully, to appreciate the farmers, vintners, or whiskey-makers and all the folks who enabled me to take that sip, to enjoy my meal and restore my spirit.   So to you, my friend, santé! I hope you like this Sgt. Pepper's Old Fashioned as much as I do.