Gluten-Free Frangipane Tart with Plums & Nectarines

This is another recipe adapted ever so slightly from Alanna Taylor-Tobin's genius book, Alternative Baker. (Her blueberry hand pies were also a hit.) The recipe length may look daunting, but the multiple steps ensure a flaky pie crust that is both whole-grain, gluten-free AND irresistibly good. This frangipane tart will convince those who associate "gluten-free" with "gross."


A Local’s Guide to New Orleans

I spent my January birthday basking in the sunshine and tropical plants of Florida, but for Dylan's birthday, I had another thought. I'd been nurturing a seed of an idea for a while - a trip to loud, colorful New Orleans. Equipped with a local's guide to New Orleans, we took in as many experiences as we could.

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