Healthy Mocha Milkshakes featuring Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee (Vegan)

Whipped coconut cream, dark chocolate and Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee make for healthy mocha milkshakes that tastes like a diner throwback in the best possible way. Note: This post is not sponsored by Scotty P’s. This post simply reveals just how obsessive I can be.

Healthy Mocha Milkshakes featuring Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee //
You knew him as Luke Danes, but Scotty P. has a real life interest in coffee

A fellow freelancer told me she refers to tv characters as “coworkers,” since she plays them in the background while she works. By this logic, I have [shamefully] edited photos while camped in Dr. Fuller’s waiting room (#TeamMatt) and sent invoices over cosmos with Carrie and the girls (#TeamAiden). However, when it comes to my Gilmore Girls rabbit hole this winter (#TeamJess), “stage one clinger” is probably more accurate than “coworker.” (Dang, the world is really divided over fictional men, huh?)

But can you blame me?

Healthy Mocha Milkshakes featuring Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee //
Whipped coconut cream is the base of these Healthy Mocha Milkshakes

Sure, you can blame me.

If you’re the Rustbelt Farmer, who didn’t grow up tuning into WB each week to catch the iconic mother-daughter duo in their fast-talking action, then yes, you can blame me for revisiting this show. But I, like so many of  the show’s nostalgic fans, came of age with Rory. As she made her decision to be a Bulldog, I became a Tartan (go CMU!). My workload meant I missed a lot of Rory’s college years, but Netflix and winter hibernation were the keys to a good catch up.

While a lot the show felt hokier as an adult, there were so many elements I appreciated all the more: Lorelai becoming her own boss, the strong sense of community in Stars Hollow, complicated family bonds, and most of all, the way the small town created its own fun. I love me a theme, but those Stars Hollows residents really knew how to do it up! 

Healthy Mocha Milkshakes featuring Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee //
Healthy Mocha Milkshakes complete with a dark chocolate drizzle

All winter long, I was searching for other friends with whom I could gush about Stars Hollow, Dean vs. Jess, the many famous cameos, and why Luke and Lorelai never should have broken up (yes, I understand tv has to string us along, but still). AND THERE WAS NO ONE…. just crickets! Everyone had either watched Gilmore Girls ages ago, or they only wanted to talk about the newest four-part series, or they just weren’t that into it. All my gushing fell solely upon the Rustbelt Farmer’s deaf, irritated ears. That was, until I attended my niece’s birthday party!

Healthy Mocha Milkshakes featuring Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee //

…and finally, finally I found comfort in a friend who was just as wrapped in a Gilmore Girls nostalgic bender as I was. She mirrored my obsession, but more importantly, she opened my eyes to the latest tidbit. Scott Patterson, ie: Luke Danes, had started his own coffee company. In real life, Scott Patterson grew up in New Jersey diners, drinking as much coffee as the Gilmore girls themselves. Over the years, he developed a passion for coffee and recently launched Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee to sell affordable coffee that resembles “the many great tastes of the Northeast.”

Being the theme-oriented gal that I am (ie: a should-be Stars Hollow resident), I ordered my own package of the breakfast blend (note: it only comes pre-ground at this point). Logically, I decided the best way to try this brew was in true Gilmore Girls fashion. That meant healthy mocha milkshakes paired with a very Luke Danes meal: a cheeseburger, sweet potato fries and steamed broccoli. It’s a diner style meal I could eat daily, but it’s also the meal Luke cooked for his daughter, April, when she announced she was going to her first boy-girl party. 

Healthy Mocha Milkshakes featuring Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee //

Though I wouldn’t substitute Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee for the third-wave beans I typically buy for my morning brew, the company does do what it sets out to do: it achieves an upscale version of a diner coffee (minus the part where the pot burns for an extra eight hours). Drinking Scotty P’s coffee is just as nostalgic as binge watching Gilmore Girls all winter long. So now you know just how far I took my obsession. The only remaining question is… where you at Gilmore Girls fans?


Healthy Mocha Milkshakes

Recipe adapted ever so slightly from The Minimalist Baker

Yield: 2 shakes

About this Recipe: You could make a batch of cold-brew coffee to make these healthy mocha milkshakes, but I like to use any leftover black coffee from breakfast (I can never seem to finish it all), so I’m wasting less and indulging more. This recipe starts with a no-churn coconut cream “ice cream,” so you’ll want to freeze that mixture the night before. The texture will be a little denser than normal ice cream, but it makes for a creamy vegan milkshake. The whole thing is drizzled with a very nostalgic yet healthy dark chocolate “Magic Shell.” Be sure to select a vegan chocolate if vegan is a concern. This shake would also be great with a little bourbon or rum spike to it. 

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