White Nectarine Juleps

Skim this recipe quickly, and you might be surprised to see a glaring omission: bourbon. While Kentucky has popularized day-drinking mint and bourbon, it is not the only combo that qualifies as a Julep. (Although, if the classic is what you're craving, try my Cheater Mint Juleps.)


Looking Back on a Midsummer Celebration

These photos are from a year ago. Not timely and yet, timely enough. A reminder, really. These photos take me back to a special dinner, a collaboration between a rising chef and heartfelt farmers. They take me back to the first summer in our dream house. I was covered in sawdust, deep in projects, and missing the summer bucket list activities we usually prioritized. This midsummer celebration was a way to press pause and feel present in the season.

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Muddled Cherry Mojitos with a Big Batch Option

A glass of wine, a Manhattan, an Old Fashioned, or a classic G&T are go-to drinks for good reason. Pour a little of this, a little of that, and you have yourself a nightcap. These muddled cherry mojitos are not that. This cocktail is a bloodbath of pitted cherries, a messy mash of limes and mint, and because of that extra work, it’s a call for celebration.


Our Hilltop House Dining Room Before & After

I have tremendous respect for DIYers, but I also have a lot of respect for the bones of our home. This is not the backdrop for me to test new remodeling skills. I want the craftsmanship of this house to be in the best of hands. Thankfully, our friends at Rooke Creative had an opening. To say our dining room was in the best of hands feels like an understatement. Look at this transformation...!