Gluten-Free Lemon Blueberry Almond Flour Cake with Pistachios and Thyme

Somewhere in that process of creating my book and fostering connections for others, I lost a little of my own space for connection. I lost that little voice that said, “why don’t I invite so and so over,” or “why don’t I call so and so.” Mostly, why don’t I pause? "Because," that inner voice said, “there is more to do. You don’t have time.” But that voice stems from a place of scarcity, not creativity or purpose. So on a summery weekend, I adjusted my compass. And through it all, there was always Julep, reminding me that in exchange for her constant support and unconditional love, for the joy she brings me daily, she requires just a mere blueberry taste test.


A Tourist In My Own City: Visiting Randyland & Pittsburgh Pride

In the spirit of touring my own city, slowing down on weekends and trying to create more memorable accents to my summer, Kyle, Julep and I did a little touring of our own. We went to one of my favorite neighborhoods, Pittsburgh's North Side, to put our worries into a box, forget about them and follow a path of curiosity. Get ready for lots of color and cute pics of Julep!


Exploring London by Foot: Eats, Sights & A Spectacle

"I'm going to London," I said, "... to see the Spice Girls Reunion Tour!" My friend's facial expression changed dramatically as I finished the sentence. "To what?!?" To see the Spice Girls, but obviously, to see London as well. The concert was technically in Wales, but before there were zigs and zags and ahs in Cardiff, there were empanadas, gold leaf lattes (!) and long walks saturated with sights in London. 


Happy National Doughnut Day via London’s Spitalfields Market

A wee bit of a back story: In May, three friends and I flew to London, walked all over, sipped some lovely drinks, and ate some lovely bites. Then we drove to Bath, took in the sites and continued on to Cardiff, Wales, where we spiced up our lives! We took a lovely country drive back to London with a pitstop at Stone Henge and then had an evening and a morning for more London explorations. Our last stop was Spitalfields Market, where we found a delightful doughnut truck!

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