3 DIY Natural Haircare Recipes

When I made a major shift in my diet toward clean eating, my skin took on a new glow, and I felt more energized, but one aspect that never changed, much to my chagrin, was my oily hair. Even though I switched to all organic, all natural products, I still needed to wash my hair almost daily. It turns out, my excessive washing, even with all natural products, was probably doing more harm than good. Have you heard of the “no ‘poo” (ie: no shampoo) movement in natural haircare?

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Cheers to the Weekend: Fabre en Provence Rosé

Want to feel better about not knowing a ton about wine? I arrived late to the party, but I've been obsessively making up time and burning my way through Radio Cherry Bombe. Episode 123 would make for good listening while sipping, since it features the founders of Yes Way Rosé and Marisa A. Ross ("wine time" was one of my favorite YouTube moments of all time). Cheers to that!


Get Outside: A Healthyish Picnic for One

As much as I love picnic adventures with friends, the kind that extend long into the day, there's something refreshing and calming about slipping away for a picnic for one. It's nourishing for our bodies and mind, so on that note, here are some of my tips for taking yourself on a healthyish picnic for one. 


My Award-Winning Chili & A Chili Cook Off

Every year, the Rustbelt Farmer's family throws a chili cook off for Mama Pattison's birthday. My award-winning chili entry is an in-depth recipe, to say the least, but go big or go home, right? Next year, I'm throwing two jars of salsa and a chicken in a crockpot and calling it done. So here you have it... quite possibly the only chili recipe you'll ever find on this blog. Where do you stand? Are you pro chili? Do you have any award-winning chili secrets?


Green Detox Smoothies & Their Benefits

I was gearing up to judge all St. Patrick's Day partakers, including the Rustbelt Farmer and his brother. But you know what they say, pride cometh before the fall, and fall I did! I was a mere two drinks into my [dehydrated] Friday night, ie: St. Patrick's Day Eve, when I totally and completely biffed it. I'm not even sure what happened. Did I just step on my own sweatpants? Needless to say, I'm not currently in a place to judge those who may still be suffering from a very intense holiday celebration. I too may need the power of these Green Detox Smoothies. In the least, I may still need an ice pack.