Cheers to the Weekend: Fabre en Provence Rosé

In the spirit of drinking wine more intentionally (while still gravitating toward the beauty of a bottle  from time to time – #noshame), here’s the next in my Cheers to the Weekend series: Fabre en Provence.

Cheers to the Weekend: Fabre en Provence Rosé //
Fabre en Provence Rosé- a beautiful bottle from a French winery established in 1920!

Obviously that bottle is a peacock amongst pigeons, and I couldn’t help but give this curvy glass a try. 

What they say: “Enjoy aromas of rose water, citrus and wild berries.”

What I like: It’s mellow, vaguely citrusy, a little peachy, not too sweet and so smooth. It may be a little too mellow, hinging on forgettable, but go ahead and save that glass for a photo op (#InsiderStylistTips). I do appreciate, in my very obsessive, rule-driven way, the very official, French, family operations behind this wine. They started with Papa Fabre all the way back in 1920. The vineyard doesn’t use pesticides or irrigation, which seems like an obvious choice, but it’s worth cheering all the same! 

Cheers to the Weekend: Fabre en Provence Rosé //

Recommended Listening: Want to feel better about not knowing a ton about wine? I arrived late to the party, but I’ve been obsessively making up time and burning my way through Radio Cherry Bombe. Episode 123 would make for good listening while sipping, since it features the founders of Yes Way Rosé and Marisa A. Ross (“wine time” was one of my favorite YouTube moments of all time). Cheers to that!

Cheers to the Weekend: Fabre en Provence Rosé //

Weekend Plans? I’d like to drink this while nestling into my windowsill and watching my neighborhood’s quirky, punk, pro-union May Day Parade fill the street below me. It’s one of the best times of year to live on my street and appreciate the personality of this place I call home. 

What about you? Any plans to sip something blush?


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