Get Outside: A Healthyish Picnic for One

A healthyish picnic for one is a chance to momentarily escape the office and responsibilities, sip something fancy, soak up the season, unplug, and of course, to indulge in a perfectly portioned dessert. 

Get Outside: A Picnic for One //

Yesterday, I strolled my neighborhood in a tank top for the first time, exposing the first inklings of a “tan.” The sky was crayola blue, and the air was so floral. I stopped at every lilac bush I encountered and inhaled deeply. After all these years, it’s still my favorite scent, and romantically, it’s a very fleeting one. 

Julep has felt this thaw as well. She lingers by the door, pleading to go out, and as soon as she hits the yard, she rolls onto the ground to happily soak up the sun. She just lies there like a girl tanning herself at the beach, and all I want to do is join her. I want to lie in the grass, to warm myself in the sun and forget all my responsibilities… which are many right now. 

Get Outside: A Picnic for One //

Since I don’t have the luxury of blowing off all my deadlines, I can at least take precautions and tiny measures to soak up this season. I slept with the windows open, read a book on the porch, drank an iced coffee and let Julep linger at the park for longer. And as much as I love picnic adventures with friends, the kind that extend long into the day, there’s something refreshing and calming about slipping away for a picnic for one. It’s nourishing for our bodies and mind, so on that note, here are some of my tips for taking yourself on a healthyish picnic for one. 

Get Outside: A Picnic for One //

Keep Your Picnic Gear Simple

I love an iconic picnic basket, but I save that cumbersome basket for the more extravagant picnics with friends. Instead, try a simple canvas tote for your healthyish picnic for one. It’s easy to carry, and if you’re taking a work break, you can slip out of the office without drawing attention to yourself.

Get Outside: A Picnic for One //

Remember to Stay Hydrated.

Drink water. Drink water. Drink water.

It’s one of the healthiest habits we can adopt, but it can also be a really wasteful habit. Skip the plastic bottles, and invest in a something you’ll carry with you daily as a constant reminder to stay hydrated. I finally committed and am loving my water bottle from Me to We. This transition has helped my hydration immensely, and as an added bonus, every water bottle purchased gives clean water to a child in a WE Village. Me to We provides access to safe sources of clean water to help children stay healthy and avoid waterborne illnesses. Each water bottle comes with a tracking number, so you can track the impact of your purchase and feel better about your healthy habits. 

Get Outside: A Picnic for One //


A picnic for one is a treat-yourself moment, so ignore texts, emails and Instagram feeds. Buy that fashion magazine you’ve been eying, and page through it lazily. Bring your journal, and take time to write your goals, your funny stories or those gratitude lists you intended to write each night before bed. This journal is another favorite from Me to We.

Get Outside: A Picnic for One //

Keep it Light.

Light, chilled foods are the way to go. Think grilled salmon and Asian noodles. Cooking a larger meal over the weekend makes for easier lunch and picnic planning, or really treat yourself, and let Whole Foods do all the work for you (there’s no shame). Treat yourself to a refreshing sparkling beverage like Belvoir Fruit Farms’ Cucumber Mint Pressé. It will feel like you’re sipping a cocktail at lunch without the sleepiness that can follow. Or, spike it. I’m not the boss of you. 

Get Outside: A Picnic for One //

It should go without saying, but … Don’t Forget Dessert!

Healthyish cakes are perfectly portioned for one, so they’re perfectly portioned for a picnic for one. Bake your cake ahead of time, but pack frosting and topping options to be sure your frosting will be sticking to your cake and not your container.

That’s it. Those are my tips, now get out there and enjoy the day! Let me know your best kept picnic-for-one secrets in the comments. 


P.S: This post is sponsored by Healthyish Foods, but all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep this girl picnicking. 

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