Côtes de Provence: Cheers to the Weekend

While traveling this winter, I browsed a lot of drink menus, and after a lot of “I guesses” and “sure’s,” I came to a realization: I’ve been living off Bota Box wine for too long, and I forget which wine I really like.

Côtes de Provence: Cheers to the Weekend // www.WithTheGrains.com
Hecht & Bannier’s 2016 Côtes de Provence

Bota Box (and other boxed wines) have their places, but there’s something to be said for truly appreciating a glass of wine. I made a resolution to come home and drink more intentionally, so from time to time, I may share a pretty shot of wine. I may share a few little notes about what I liked about the wine. And I will probably buy these bottles because of the artwork and packaging because:

  1. I am a designer
  2. I am not [yet] a wine snob.  
Côtes de Provence: Cheers to the Weekend
I admit I was drawn to this glass bottle stopper on Hecht & Bannier’s 2016 Côtes de Provence

So to get some sipping started, here’s a crazy glass cork situation from Hecht & Bannier’s 2016 Côtes de Provence AOC.

What they say [so dreamily]: “We focused our selections on the cooler parts of the upper Provence vineyards where the oak and olive tree forests protect the vines planted in the clay-limestone soils and, in some ways, seem to nourish them. The higher altitudes also allow a full maturity without excessive sugars (and therefore alcoholic degree in the finished wines). It has a “minerality redolent of fennel, anise and purple flowers. We love just sipping this wine out on our garden in Aix-en-Provence. Grab a glass with some friends and taste with a fougasse, some anchovies and even some Salonenque olives.”

What I say: Even though the ground is still covered in snow, these sips make me think of grilled peach desserts or bright red, juicy grapefruits on sunny mornings. It’s smooth, not too sweet, and I too would like to sip a glass of this in a garden in Aix-en-Provence. 

What are you drinking these days? Happy weekend! 



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