Blue Moon Rising: A Sustainable Getaway with Tiny Houses

For Valentine's Day of this year, I gave the Urban Farmer a guessing game of sorts- bottles of wine with moons on their labels, bagged with poems and quotes about the moon and the heavens. (I could have given him a bottle of moonshine, but I value his eyesight.) Was this a newfound interest in astronomy? No, it was my thematic, obscure way of saying, "We're going to Blue Moon Rising!"


Whole Grain Lemon Quick Bread with Coconut Sugar & Honey Candied Lemons

The coconut sugar gives this quick bread a dark color and almost molasses flavor. For breakfast, serve a slice with a spread of lavender infused butter. As a dessert, top a slice with a candied lemon and a dollop of ice cream. Garnish your cocktails with any leftover honey candied lemons, and one baking session will last a week!


Homemade Infused Butters for a Biscuit Buffet

At every gathering I host, I like to add at least one little detail that will get guests to say, "oh girl, oh no you didn't!" Infused butters will elicit that remark. They're that 2.0 moment, the little cherry on top of the sundae, and best of all, you'll likely have enough leftover to continue spreading all that flavor on subsequent pancakes, morning toast or quick breads long after the party dust has settled.


Vegan Mushroom Gravy inspired by @whitfieldpgh

Vegan gravy may seem like an oxymoron, but this mushroom version will appease vegans, vegetarians and carnivores alike, which is why I also recommend it if you want to follow my lead and throw a Biscuit Buffet Brunch. If biscuits feel intimidating, pair this gravy with a whole grain or gluten free pasta or mashed potatoes. The possibilities abound!


Bulletproof Coffee featuring @1villagecoffee

So when the internet started talking about adding dollops of butter and coconut oil to morning brews, I crossed my arms in staunch protest. The idea of oil pooling on the surface of my coffee, my carefully brewed Chemex coffee, did not appeal to me in the least. I ignored the hype, but hype is persistent, and it found me.

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