No-Bake Cookie Bites or Cookie Dough “Contraband” (Gluten-Free)

The simplicity of these no-bake treats makes them an easy, sweet indulgence for a weekend away from a full kitchen arsenal. The simplicity also makes them a healthy option for those times when the ol' sweet tooth is calling. They're a near instant gratification without the guilt, and they're not a far cry from those raw cookie dough bites stolen when Mom wasn't looking.


Spicy Pepper Roasted Chicken Tacos with Hearth Roasted Potatoes

When we escaped to the cabin in the woods, my goal was to cook for the sake of cooking, to enjoy the process and to revel in slow meals. Since the cabin kitchen was on the smaller side, and since our plan was to sequester ourselves in coziness, I had to be more intentional, more prudent. Each ingredient needed to flow from one meal to the next. Tacos are a great decoy for leftovers.

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Spicy Pepper Roasted Chicken & Vegetables from the book “Soul Food Love”

In honor of Black History Month, this is my own humble nod of gratitude for the history the black community built and enriched. This is my own nod of gratitude toward the immigrants, who like my grandmother's family came to America and worked harder than anyone, planting their traditions into American soils. It's a nod to those who were here long before any of us, who valued the many resources this beautiful chunk of land had to offer.


Wanderings: Green Gables Restaurant & Huddleson Court, Jennerstown, PA

The Beaverdam Cabin, where we retreated, is part of Green Gables Restaurant & Huddleson Court, so after a cozy night's sleep under the eaves of the cabin roof, we'd lace up our boots and take a quick stroll to breakfast, where the fire was already crackling in the large hearth. The old stone, the warm wooden tones, the puzzle in progress, the play of light and shadows, and the general stillness set such a peaceful tone to the morning.


Wanderings: Beaverdam Cabin, Jennerstown, PA

I love cities. I love the bustle. I love people watching. I love their food scenes and the convenience of a coffee shop within a block of my apartment, but every now and then (and definitely not as much as I would like), I love escaping to the quiet. Welcome to the quiet, welcome to the Beaverdam Creek Cabin in Jennestown, PA. Book your weekend there soon, and follow my Two-Night Cabin Getaway Menu for Two to make it a culinary retreat!


Vegan Chocolate Tart with Salted Oat Crust

Harmony- it's something I have been think about a lot lately. I wish I were preoccupied with harmony musically, but rather, I think about harmony in the sense of differences working together to create something richer, something stronger. I believe there is a sweet spot, a harmonious juncture where nature and modernity could coexist, like the harmony of a sweet and salty sprinkling on a dessert, this dessert- a Vegan Chocolate Tart with Salted Oat Crust.