Champagne, Plaid & Presents: How We Christmas’d

After presents, finishing touches on a dessert and sufficient lazing, we bundled up and joined the family for more festivities including a prime rib that fed everyone for days. It was all so cozy, I'm not quite ready to admit Christmas has passed. What about you? What did you bake/gift/receive? Here's to hiding under the blankets, watching the snowfall and eating cookies for a bit longer!


A Christmas Tree Farm & Peppermint Chocolate Cookies for Santa

I was beginning to think Christmas tree farms were a thing of Hallmark, Hallmark movies or quaint New England towns that feel like Hallmark come to life (or better yet, scenes from "Christmas Vacation"). But thanks to my friend Theresa, I discovered Christmas tree farms do in fact exist, and more importantly, one does in fact exist nearby(ish)!


Peppermint Hot Chocolate (Vegan)

Made with good-for-you ingredients like coconut milk and hazelnut milk, antioxidant rich dark chocolate, this batch will yield about 4-6 cozy couch sessions, depending on how big your mug is. Double it up if you want to stretch that hibernation. Simply store the extra in the refrigerator and then simmer on the stovetop when the craving hits. For an extra frothy drink, I like to whirl the mixture in my Magic Bullet before serving.