Instagram Lately: It’s Cold Outside, But The Kitchen is Warm

January 2015

“Crazy Legs” is the technical term for the moment when my dog Julep’s back legs accelerate faster than her front legs, propelling her into a seated sprint if you can imagine such a feat. On these fluffy, white January mornings, Julep is prone to crazy legs. She bounds to the yard, digs her nose in the snow, emerges looking like a coke addict and then frolics and herds imaginary flocks with gusto. It’s really hard to resent the snow when watching such a joyful dog.

Winter Outside by With The Grains

This past week January donned a cloak of white, and Julep, the Urban Farmer and I had plenty of opportunity to bundle up and play in the snow like fools. The snow-laden trees were like fantastical creatures from a movie, as we wandered through the neighborhood with the happy pup. After exerting her energy and ours, we hid inside, where the oven was warm, and the baked goods were a plenty.  We nestled and watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, which seemed to mirror our own snowy mountain scenes and puff pastries. A girl gets to be lazy, play in the snow and watch afternoon movies when it’s her birthday after all.

Warm Inside by With The Grains

The best of these warm bites by far were the waffles the Urban Farmer made me for my birthday! While I lounged in bed, he splattered batter and pressed coffee. There were balsamic cherries and homemade whipped cream for the toppings!

As the snow continues to fall in your parts of the woods, don’t be too hard on January. Play in the snow, delight in a dog, and eat something homemade like these Chocolate Glazed Donuts!


May Your Kitchens Be Warm!

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  1. Roz Hill

    Enjoyed your post, scrummy food. Happy birthday too!

  2. cynfranks

    My dogs get crazy legs in the fresh snow and we call it the same thing! I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Standard Poodle. I am in Michigan so Smowmeggdon2015 missed us, but ours could be coming this weekend. I do not mind it.

    1. withthegrains

      We had a puppy visit for a playdate, and it made me seriously want a second pup around- double the crazy legs. Ha! I hope you have some snow fun! 🙂

      1. CynFranks

        I have three dogs!

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