Instagram Lately: A Calming Shortcut

December 2014

There’s a narrow, winding shortcut road to my neighborhood, which the locals defend fiercely. After rounds of cat-and-mouse in the limited space, the houses thin, the road curves, and a bridge emerges overhead with graffiti, not the work of amateurs looking to put their names anywhere and everywhere, but eye-catching, graphic graffiti. The road curves again, more severely this time, and the invasive Japanese knotweed forms a forest around the bend.

Gray City Migration

While driving this road recently, it began to snow, softly, as if each tiny snowflake were floating intentionally in the air before descending to the ground. Collectively, these snowflakes fell at an angle, directly into my windshield, as if I were being shaken in a snow globe. The whole scene seemed timeless, frozen in place and extended at the same time. The slow and steady anticipation of the soundtrack fit the moment perfectly. The thing about this road is it forces you to slow down, to notice where there is room and look at what’s ahead. At a time in my life when stress and emotions have been overwhelming, I am trying to be more conscious of the tiny calming moments I find along the way: blanketing gray skies, soaring and swirling bird migrations, floating snowfalls, and those four little paws that force me to walk my neighborhood hills and to inhale deeply.

What keeps you calm lately?


Happy Monday!

P.S: Have you noticed the snow falling on my little corner of the blogosphere thanks to WordPress? I look forward to this digital snow all year. It’s the little things.

P.P.S: You can follow more of my Instagram adventures here and some here too.

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