Instagram Lately: Calming Gray Days & Thanksgiving Gratitude

November 2014

When the warmth hits my bare shoulders, and the fiery pink light lifts my spirits, I wonder why I never took root in some place warmer, where Vitamin D supplements would be a joke, not a necessity. Then fall arrives with magical misty mornings and vibrant leaf swirls, and the beauty is overwhelming. This year, winter seems to be dipping its toes in the water and settling at a more manageable pace. Though I shiver for months at a time, there’s something calming about the dreariness. These winter grays are rich with subtle blues and greens and coppery accents. I may be the type of person who needs a dose of winter. After all, isn’t winter what makes spring all the more magical?

Seeds and Thanksgivin

Thanksgiving was one of those quiet, gray, Pittsburgh days, but that’s just the type of day to fire up a new waffle maker, take a stroll, sink boots in the earth, rake up some leaves to form a garden blanket and enjoy a slice of dessert after waiting all day long. Thanksgiving was gray outside, but inside it was warm and rosy.

Cakes and Waffles and Coffee

I’ve much to be thankful for, and I’d be remiss not to dwell just a tad…

The Urban Farmer, who makes me a better person and picks me up when I’m sort of a puddle. He makes me laugh until I can’t breathe and dances with me in the kitchen.

Julep of every day, who snuggles like a champ and warms hearts all over our neighborhood.

A warm oven and friends with whom to share my baked goods.

A new venture
which has taught me a lot about myself recently- some lessons are tougher than others, but I’d rather face those moments than risk stagnation. In a way, the timing of these hurtles has made Thanksgiving feel like New Year’s Eve, and the spirit of resolutions is upon me.

If you’re reading this post, I’m thankful for you! This corner of the web means the world to me, and having an audience for these musings is the all-natural icing on the whole-wheat chocolate cake!

How was your Thanksgiving?


May your gray days be calm and warm!

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P.P.S: I love this to-do list for the week from Kid President: Love big. Laugh a lot. Dance. Repeat.

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