Instagram Lately: What Do You Think?

November 2014

“What do you think?”

Sometimes the answer to that question can be a tough pill to swallow. I’m one who thrives off collaboration, and I seek critiques. I want to be better. I want my work to improve. I want to know what I am missing. However, when that feedback seems to undermine my thought process, it can sting a bit. This week stung a bit.

Bleak Skies

However, sometimes the lessons have to sting in order to shake us from moving too fast and redirect us. After feeling accused and defensive, I found new inspiration. I remembered why I open myself up to feedback in the first place.

Pinks Too

There’s still a little sting on the mend, but there are also bright pinks despite the bleak skies.

What do your Instagrams reveal lately?



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  1. Heather Costello

    Mysterious! By the way, I saw you at the Vintage mixer but you were busy so I didn’t stop to say “hello.” Stings don’t define you. And also look at the source. You know the truth and whatever it is you can decide how to proceed.


    1. withthegrains

      Oh bummer. It was a crazy swirl of people. Next time for sure!

      Vague yes, but these stings were for the best. They made me better. It was just a tad hard to hear at first.


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