#TBT: A Table in Montmartre

August 2014

While I’m feeling nostalgic for all things Parisian, I couldn’t help but fixate on this page of Sauces, from The French Cookbook. The tipsy perspective evokes the feeling of walking the hills of Montmartre, the arrondisement where my favorite movie took place. Unlike my walks though, in which I relied heavily upon my imagination [and a dash of wistful voyeurism], Velvet Sauce truly puts us in Montmartre. We see the famous Sacré Coeur from our very own window, where wine surely flows generously, and the chairs straddle the line between comfort and formality. It’s the perfect venue for serving such a sauce!



#TBT (Throw Back Thursdays) glimpse into the vintage visual feasts in my personal collection of food and entertaining books.


À bientôt!

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