A Wednesday Wander: Coffee in Paris

From A Wander in Paris, in December 2011

Lately, a few friends and I have been having some in depth conversations about coffee- why we drink it, when we drink it, how it’s sourced, when did latte art become a thing…? What I’m not telling you is I have an exciting coffee project in the works, but what I am telling you is all this coffee talk has me missing Paris [to be fair, almost everything has me missing Paris because I could happily spend all of my days there as cliché as that might be]. Until I can sip a café noisette dans la rue, I am vicariously sitting at an outward facing table, sipping something strong and judging everything passing before me.

Red and White Stripes

Brightly Colored Empty Chairs

Facing Out

Espresso and Wine

Coffee and Smokes

A Wednesday Wander is a way to revisit journeys past and work my way through my many photos and journals that might otherwise collect proverbial dust. Thanks for wandering with me!



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  1. Letizia

    Now I’M missing Paris! These are such great photos and they remind me of sitting with an espresso and watching the world go by for hours.

  2. Bunny Eats Design

    I have never been to Paris but it is on my bucket lost. Wonderful photos. Black and white is so romantic.

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