#TBT: Pause for Living

July 2014

Do you ever feel stuck in a week that seems to lag and lap you all at the same time? Welcome to my July 7th through present moment. In the spirit of such a sprinting stasis, this vintage Coca Cola publication delivers a wonderful reminder to…


In between attempts to fire off a few more emails, edit a few more photos, and spray paint a few more fronds, I’ll pause and appreciate the visit I had with the best friend from out of town, the unexpected burger dinner with my dad, and the massive party I’m going to work/attend on Friday (hence the fronds). If only I could pause for a little lady luncheon like this…


#TBT (Throw Back Thursdays) glimpse into the vintage visual feasts in my personal collection of food and entertaining books.


Happy Pausing!

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  1. theveganmuffinwoman

    We week is lagging and lapping too right now! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

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