BeeBoy Honey & A Brunch By The Bees

December 2013

How many beekeepers do you know?

Honey Brunch
Broiled Grapefruit with Honey, Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Cardamom

Prior to October, I would have answered that question with, “Precisely? …none.” I might have offered the Kevin Bacon equivalent- my grandparents used to let beekeepers keep hives on their farm in exchange for honey, honey which I would wholeheartedly stockpile in my suitcase with each visit and ration stringently until the following year.

Gingerbread Twig

However, after participating in a pop-up farmers market at Anthropologie in October, I can now say I know one beekeeper! Appropriately enough, he operates under the moniker BeeBoy.

Honey and Honey Cake
Whole-Wheat Honey Almond Cake with Honey Glaze

Discussing this rare vocation was captivating, but what inspired me most about meeting the BeeBoy was the way his urban honeys tasted like the season in which they were harvested. Summer’s honey was light in color and lightly floral, whereas fall conjured warm chai and spices in both flavor and hue.

Bee Boy Honey
Fall Harvest Honey

My mind started racing with recipes to harness the harvested seasons, so I proposed a brainstorm and an overlap of our endeavors.

Baked Ricotta

What better way to brainstorm than over brunch- a honey themed brunch!

Baked Honey Ricotta
Honey Glazed Baked Ricotta

If you want to taste BeeBoy honey for yourself, you’ll have to spot it on a menu, since he currently sells directly to restaurants. On the bright side, you now have an excuse to visit Salt of the Earth, Union Pig & Chicken, and Eden, or you might get lucky and sample a sweet spoonful as part of a Harvest & Gather menu.

Stay tuned for these honey inspired recipes!

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