A Low Country Boil with e2 at Bayardstown Social Club

September 2013

If Fräulein Maria had raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens and warm, woolen mittens all at once, I imagine her sentiment would have matched my excitement for the Pittsburgh Urbanist‘s Low Country Boil. This dinner event definitely encompassed a few of my favorite things..!


A Favorite Location: Bayardstown Social Club

In its own words, Bayardstown is a members-only social club in the Strip District of Pittsburgh that offers a shared backyard space to gather, eat, and drink [also a few of my favorite things]. In my own words, Bayardstown has been a unique and much appreciated addition to my list of summer sites. I’m a big fan of someone else making a campfire and playing great music for me.

Founding Members

The club takes its name from one of the oldest monikers given to the area and its inhabitants, the legendary Bayardstown Boys. Bayardstown was, and is, a group bound by community and while memberships are limited, the club serves as a place for members to hang out. Club members will be young city dwellers who share a love for the outdoors. Think of Bayardstown as a place to connect with those you would not normally encounter at work, at the bar, or down the block. Every night promises a different experience.

Chef Fit

A Favorite Chef/Restaurant: Kate Romane of e2

How do I love Kate and e2? Let me count the ways! Between beignet brunches, saucy dinners, pop-ups, farm dinners, and more brunches, Kate has always delivered in a big way, and this night was no exception. This was a BIG low country boil! Forget CrossFit. These ladies should patent “ChefFit!”

Take A Picture

Kate Feeds The Masses

Low Country Boil

Ivy and Green Beans

Farm Fresh Tomatoes


Lawn Chairs and Food

Sunset and Lights



Delicious. Relaxed. Beautiful. Affordable.

If you see the Pittsburgh Urbanist or e2 names backing an event, be sure to attend!  I hope this is the first of many food-centric gatherings at Bayardstown because this night was up there with bright, copper kettles and brown-paper packages tied up with strings. It was definitely one of my favorite things!

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  1. Anne Lively

    Oh my gosh, Quelcy, you are a wonderful writer. You make me want to move back to Pittsburgh!

    1. withthegrains

      Thanks Anne! It’d be great to have you here, but I also have some upcoming posts that should make you appreciate your Maine locale too. 😉

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