Farm Week: An Introduction

September 2013

“Quelcy doesn’t have a tv, does she?” my former boss asked my friend, her tone implying the answer would speak volumes about me. I do not own a tv, it’s true. Whereas this fact meant something seven years ago, I, like most of us, have a thing called the internet, which fills my living room with an equal level of programming. That being said, I am still 99% oblivious as to the social and cultural implications of the famed Shark Week programming. However, with a new found confidence [ie: wikipedia], I am going to channel it anyway. Thus I present to you the With The Grains equivalent…


“Farm Week” is what happens after spending quite a few Sundays soaking in the farm-fresh air, sitting at beautifully set, communal tables and eating some of the best food in the area and then falling drastically behind on blogging about said affairs.

White Oak Farm

White Oak Farm Lake

Quelcy at the Farm

If “Farm Week” were a weeklong series of television features, I might be your host or your narrator. The real stars of the show would be Justin Severino, of Cure restaurant, who orchestrated the impressive summer lineup, Nic DiCio, the owner of White Oak Farm, where most of the meals took place and this guy…

The Farmer

Farmer Nick Lubecki oversees the acre plot of vegetables, which he sells through CSA subscriptions and to local restaurants including Cure. He calls his farmlette Butter Hill Farm.

White Oak Farm Structure

Pears and Small Structure

“Farm Week” will feature daily posts about tantalizing food, guest chefs from fine establishments, idyllic farm scenes and traveling tables.

Pear Liquor


So use whatever device you please, and stay tuned!

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