Instagram Lately: An Intro To Maine

August 2013

The first time I left the country, I was fanatical about visiting every museum and cultural locale. I filled my days with long walks and overloaded my senses with more art than one brain can store. I was like a small sponge in the face of a hurricane, trying to soak up every single ounce of moisture. Then something happened along my many routes.

I mellowed.

Plans fell through, and suddenly all the excessive planning and overwhelming attempts to take in every, single detail seemed futile. Simultaneously, I began to value long, slow conversations and the people who marked my timeline.


When Acadia showed me her beautiful engagement ring and said the words “seaside” and “barn,” I said “I do!” I wanted to help in any capacity. Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to style Stu and Acadia’s special moment in Maine.

From the moment I arrived in Portland, friends and twitter chirps were pointing me to all sorts of sites and restaurants, but this intro to Maine was all about a genuine couple and the gracious, sincere people surrounding them.

This intro to Maine was about a beautiful red cottage and the hosts I now consider close friends.

This intro to Maine affirmed why I love scurrying behind the scenes of a special day, filling every nook and cranny with more personal details.

This intro to Maine reminded me of the many connections we form along the way and how at the end of a journey, it’s those connections that count more than the ticket stubs and museum passes we collect.

This intro to Maine foreshadowed returns because I am still a little sponge in the face of a hurricane, and there is far more beauty to behold!

What do your Instagrams reveal lately?

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  1. Joseph David Wilcox

    Quelcy, great blog and wonderful account of Maine. Made my first trip there last summer and have been lovelorn ever since.

    1. withthegrains

      Thanks Joseph! It does seem to be a really special, captivating place!

  2. Anne Lively

    You can use our place as base camp whenever you are in Maine, Quelcy. It was so much having you here! Come back to Maine soon!

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