Instagram Lately: Growing Like A Weed


Where did the round baby belly go?

That’s what I keep asking myself as I look at my weed of a little one. Julep’s legs are shooting up higher and higher by the minute. Already, we have been together for one month! A time when I wasn’t hurdling baby gates and dodging puppy teeth is inconceivable. Though my eyes may look perpetually tired, and my coffee spendings have definitely spiked, the time between her wakeup wimpers and her sleepy sighs has me moving and observing and loving like never before!

Puppy Aquas

I’ve been watching the early morning light cast gleams and shadows through my windows.

I’ve stumbled upon the remnants of a romantic gesture (were the heart and rose petals a suitor’s success or were they tossed to the cobbles in lamentation?).

I’ve stared into a ‘stached fella’s face, and he stared right back at me.

I walked into a lightning-induced, neighborhood commotion, and I was reminded how precarious and tenuous every single moment is. That’s why I’m trying to savor every little puppy phase [and potentially over-documenting every puppy phase in a crazy dog lady sort of way- bear with me].

What do your Instagrams reveal lately?

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  1. Letizia

    Oh how she’s grown! And yet she’s still so small 🙂

    My dog, Baffi, is 13 and yet still acts like a puppy at times. I’m not on Instagram but I’m sure it would be FULL of photos of Baffi if I were!

    Love the photos!

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