Churchview Farm Dinner Series: A Fairytale Sort of Sunday!

June 2013

When my death-day comes
For certain, I’ll be sorry
For all that I have done indoors
When outside sons were shining
Blinding! Binding!
Reminding me the heaven-king is one!

~”Mount Marcy” By Frontier Ruckus

Farm Welcome

Want to glimpse a perfect Sunday? It starts at the foot of a tree-lined driveway and winds its way to a lovely, lavender lemonade.

Milk Jug and Lemonade

Along the way, you might encounter a hen or two… or seventy (!!!!), and they might encounter your fingers. Take heed!

Chicken Caravan

A chef and a farmer is a match of fairytale proportions, but in the case of Churchview’s Farmer Tara and e2‘s Chef Kate, it’s a real life fairytale! They’re both so passionate and generous with their talents, and we, the farm-loving foodies reap the benefits in the form of their farm dinner series.

Old Farm Equipment

Like any good family farm, the passage of time from grandfather to granddaughter is evident in lingering equipment, chipping paint, rusting textures and a reinvented coop. Everywhere you look, there is something beautiful and intriguing to behold!

One of Seventy

The Perfect Hammock

Farm Drinks

rondineto passerina IGT (Abruzzo)
terre di sole sangiovese (Puglia)

Place Settings

Churchview Farm Table

Menu and Place Setting

Spiked lavender lemonade.
Boyd & Blair. mint. lots of ice.

Floral Charcuterie

lomo. venison prosciutto. lardo
mascarpone leek gorgonzola hot mess bizness
pickled green tomatoes and bread & butters
fat cat. scaf kase. st. malachi- local cheese situation
breakfast radish with mint
bunching onion bread sticks

Floral Charcuterie 02

Bunny Rabbit Ravioli

ravioli stuffed with local bunny rabbit
preserved heirloom tomatoes. fresh herbs. grana padano.

frisee and arugula with spring onion vinaigrette
sheep’s feta

Chicken and Lanterns

grilled hen with black pepper porcini rub
trumpet mushroom. rapini. chard. baby kale.
honey saffron polenta.

Night View

When my passions for gatherings and for thoughtfully prepared foods unite with the outdoors, I’m in my happy place. When both of these passions combine in the form of a farm dinner, I am an endless smile. Indeed, too much time is spent indoors, but a good farm dinner makes time pass slower, and voices grow louder with libations and laughter. Cheers to the farmer! Cheers to the Chef! This was a fairytale summer Sunday!

Dessert at Dusk

ricotta gelato with fresh strawberries. salted walnuts. shortcake crumbles.

Then we wandered down the winding driveway and curved along a few country roads, content with time well spent outdoors.

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