Buddy Brew & My New Caffeine Addiction

May 2013

My online budget tracker has a tendency to turn my coffee consumption into a cold, hard reality, but we hedonists like to say things like “life is too short for bad __________.” Food, wine, coffee, sex, etc. In the realm of first-world problems, coffee is definitely a noun worth inserting in that sentence. When expecting that rich, nutty flavor and the accompanying energy boost, a bitter, burned taste could convert my normal demeanor into a fit of rage. On the other hand, a proper cup makes time pass slower and moments richer. If I lived in Tampa (where my best friend calls an adorable bungalow home), I would be richer in slow sipping, coffee moments and poorer in dollars all because of one drink- the Buddy Brew Cold Brew Frothy Top!

Buddy Brew Coffee

Upon opening the door to Buddy Brew, one is confronted with a bright, red, coffee-roasting apparatus. It’s a thing of beauty and an amazing sign for the coffee one is about to consume.

Buddy Brew Equipment

I am familiar with the cold brew coffee method, but what was this “frothy top” the menu described? As it turns out, it’s my new favorite way of drinking an icy coffee. First, you select your add-ons of choice (half & half in my case). Then the barista adds the 18-hour cold brew, your add-on and ice in a cocktail shaker. A few arm frenzies later, you’re drinking the intense, nutty flavor of the long brewing process with an icy, foamy, creamy texture on top. It’s the perfect caffeinated response to summer.

Cold Brew and Croissant

Plus an almond croissant is just an obvious choice. Win win!


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  1. Chris

    Cute place, though I suspect if you were truly an addict, you wouldn’t experience an energy boost.

    Take it from a real addict, that coffee you find so invigorating will merely suppress your exhaustion in due time. 🙂

    1. withthegrains

      Well, I’m not an addict yet because I live too far away. I’m not in your league yet.

      1. Chris

        In time, my friend. 🙂

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