Juice of the Week: Greens Amongst The Flora

April 2013

This green may not be the pageant win, but in a fluted glass, set against some flora, in the right context and as part of the right composition, even this shade of green has its beauty. More importantly though, this hue helps keep you beautiful inside and out!

Flora and Green Juice

Juice of the Week documents my goal to drink fresh juice daily (made in batches weekly).

Greens Amongst the Flora
makes 2 quarts

2 organic cucumbers (extra long), peeled
4 organic Meyer lemons, peeled
~1” x 3” chunk of fresh ginger, peeled
1 organic heart of celery (base removed)
12 small red apples
2 organic granny smith apples

To learn more about the health benefits of celery juice, check out this article.

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