Wild Purveyors Grand Opening

February 2013

There came a wonderful invitation in my mailbox. It was an invitation to celebrate the official opening of the Wild Purveyors store and to thank those who had made the opening possible via Kickstarter!

Wooden Walls and Mushrooms

About Wild Purveyors….
Brothers, Cavan and Tom Patterson [owners of Wild Purveyors] specialize in seasonal, locally sourced raw and specialty food products which include: foraged mushrooms and other wild edibles, sustainably farmed natural produce, humanely raised natural meats and poultry, sustainably farmed fresh water fish, as well as farmstead and artisan cheeses. They are committed to providing the freshest, highest quality foods from the Pennsylvania region, whether they are sourced straight from Mother Nature or with a little help from our responsible farmers’ hands.

Mushrooms and Diningsaur

Since I was late to learn about the Kickstarter, unfortunately, I was not a funder, so how did I receive the invitation anyway? This pleasant surprise was the results of a generous, hungry diningsaur with a stylish orange neckerchief. My blogging buddy Rodzilla Reviews left Pittsburgh for the increased Vitamin D offerings of the West Coast before cashing in his Kickstarter reward. He sent me as a surrogate, so the least I could do was bring his alter ego along for the samplin’.

Brick and Chalkboard

Before Wild Purveyors was a brick (and oh what lovely brick it is) and mortar store, Cavan and Tom could be found at various food and community events in the city. I was already impressed with their offerings and commitment to local foods. I had high hopes for their store, but when I walked through their door for the very first time, I do believe my heart fluttered! Their store is a thing of rustic charm and true beauty, and they built the interiors themselves. If I could, I would live there.

Sunflowers and Spools

The Purple Spoon

Thanks to jam maven of The Purple Spoon (named for the color a wooden spoon turns when used to make jam), I learned Pennsylvania is a source of cranberries. I also learned Diningsaurs really like jam! We left with a jar of the cranberry walnut.

The Purple Spoon and Diningsaur

The rabbit pate tartines called for seconds [and thirds]…

Rabbit Pate and Diningsaur

In addition to the rustic retail area, Wild Purveyors contains an event space, where the long, communal, wooden table steals the show (and my event-designing heart). My mind was racing with ideas for that space!

Beer, Shrub and Music

Pumpkin shrub cocktail and beer from East End Brewery.

Cranberries and Cheese

Baskets and Tongs

Many thanks to Rodzilla for sending me to such a lovely afternoon festivity. Many thanks to Wild Purveyors for putting such a beautiful store and a noble mission on the block. I will be back soon for more cheese and whatever else winds up in one of the shopping baskets (actual baskets!!!).

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  1. Rodzilla

    I’m really glad you were able to check it out, and especially write about it! Thanks for taking me along 😀

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