A Bess Inspired Brunch

January 2013

I’ve done my fair share of antiquing, thrifting and flea marketing, a claim to which my apartment attests. I’ve never transitioned from buyer to seller in the vintage world, another claim to which my apartment attests. Say I were to find a perfect red set of pyrex with a grain of wheat for a design embellishment, I’d have such a hard time edging that piece out of my life and into another’s vintage inspired home.

Bess Inspired Table 02

Before you submit me to a hoarding show, know that I set limits for myself, have the occasional purge-and-donate spells and really try to use what I collect. Whereas I may cling to closely to my flea market finds, my new friend Bess is building a community of buyers!

Bess Inspired Table

I first met Bess at the Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer, an event she cofounded with her etsy shop partners (I want mostly everything her Red Pop Shop has to offer). I was drawn to the event posters featuring the very same iconic Hamilton Beach mixer I have on my kitchen shelf. Subsequently, I was drawn to Bess’s warm personality, her drive to create a vintage community and her push to make Pittsburgh a better place to be. Accordingly, a brunch with Bess seemed like the perfect thing to do!

Orange Rosette

Thus on a snowy yet sunny Sunday morning, I pulled out all my vintage stops to create a Bess inspired brunch!

Bess and Quelcy Brunch

Something about that tablecloth sent my mind to a Scandinavian cottage, and the menu emerged from my wandering mind… orange rolls, spelt bread tartines, fresh squeezed orange juice mimosas, and coffee with a dollop of maple whipped cream (with a spike of Snap!).

Orange Rolls


Orange Rolls and Spelt Bread recipes to follow in subsequent posts.

Spelt Bread Tartines

Here’s to old treasures and new friendships!

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    1. withthegrains

      Thank ya madame! When shall the two of us have brunch?

      1. Yinzerella

        I have no idea. I was in Pittsburgh in late January, but I was there for a funeral. FUN!
        I think I might try to make a visit in mid-late April. That is, unless you’re ever downt his way.

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