That’s The Way They Became The Brady Brunch (Jones Restaurant)

November 2012

Here’s the story of a hungry lady, who was meeting with three very, hungry friends. All of them had one goal for their Sunday…

In The Neighborhood

… and that’s the way they became the Brady Brunch!

Jones Restaurant

Welcome to Jones, one of the restaurants on the ever growing list of restaurateur Stephen Starr’s establishments. Opening the doors to Jones feels a lot like tuning into TV Land and entering the living room of THE American family- The Brady Bunch, and the menu is equally reminiscent of American comforts.

Very Brady Living Room

Starr said, “People need different places and different scenes to keep things fresh…. It’s all about offering an exciting variety of entertainment experiences.” Sitting in a facsimile of the Brady living room truly does provide an exciting and different dining experience, an experience lined with shag carpet.

Shag City

Two words: Shag Carpet.

Happy Ladies

Menu Excitement

Monkey bread

Monkey Bread
This was a very different monkey bread than my mom’s Christmas morning monkey bread, but it was my favorite part of the meal. This sweet start was closer to the brioche spectrum of pastry dough than a typical sticky bun.

Phil and Q

Something about the atmosphere caused us to turn into talkshow type people.

Macaroni Before

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni After

Chicken and Waffles

Fried Chicken and Waffles 
I thought the accompanying bowl was chicken noodle soup, which didn’t appeal to me first thing in the morning (and yet, fried chicken did?). It wasn’t until reading the website that I learned the bowl was supposed to be an offering of chicken gravy. I’m more of a syrup gal anyway. Overall, this was not a chicken and waffle combo to write you grandmother about, and I’m fairly certain the syrup was not the nectar of real trees. This plate summed up my overall opinion of the restaurant- great fun over great food. Maybe Starr just hasn’t found his Alice yet?

Neighborhood Yellows

From brunch, we skipped through a yellow city.

Bike and Leaves

Other Stephen Starr restaurants in my repertoire:

The Dandelion
Talula’s Garden
Ranstead Room

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  1. BeezusKiddo

    So what is your hands down favorite restaurant in Philly?

    1. withthegrains

      That is a tough question! There are still so many restaurants I have yet to explore, but so far my favorite meal in Philly was eating brunch outdoors at Talula’s Garden.

  2. Jessica

    Yay! I agree about talula’s garden brunch!!

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