Escaping It All: Pusadee’s Garden

October 2012

Where do you go when you want to step off the sidewalk and feel as though you have stepped into a new world?

Maybe it’s home. Maybe it’s a garden. Maybe it’s a yoga school, but if you live in Pittsburgh, there is a point of departure you should add to your list: Pusadee’s Garden.

Pusadee’s Garden is a Thai restaurant in the ever growing Pittsburgh neighborhood of Lawrenceville, but the reason I find myself eating there so frequently is because it feels like so much more than a restaurant experience. In the warmer months, Pusadee’s Garden comes alive with vines, flowers, flowing waters, hanging lanterns and the hum of people enjoying really fresh food in a beautiful setting. In one word, Pusadee’s feels like an escape.

“Thai Cole Slaw”
w/ a spicy tamarind-peanut sauce

Curry Puffs
Kabocha squash, asian sweet potatoes & veg in a pastry shell

Don’t let the photos fool you. There was far more food consumed and enjoyed thoroughly! Pusadee’s is the full package. It is consistent quality and fresh ingredients, often as locally sourced as the backyard garden. It is friendly people. It is a beautiful setting, and most importantly, it is an escape. Sometimes  I just want dinner to transport me, and this garden space is where I go to depart!

*Note: The owners take a really long trip to Thailand in the winter months, so go try Pusadee’s soon, VERY SOON! As I recall the restaurant closes November 26 and reopens on February 14th. It makes the winter months pass really slowly for us, but it makes Valentine’s Day really sweet!

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