Wandering Into A Dream (The Old Lucketts Store & Design House)

September 2012

Driving home from Chantilly, Virginia was a scenic route, and one corner of the scenery caught our eyes in particular. We had seemingly arrived in a small town sustained by antiques. Two houses flanked an intersection, and their scattered wares beckoned to us! In the end, we only had time for The Old Lucketts Store, which is a little like saying, “In the end, we only had time to see the Louvre.”

As fate would have it, we had arrived at the right place at exactly the right time! We didn’t know it then, but we had stumbled upon this antique mecca just in time for The Design House.

The Design House at the Old Lucketts Store is a monthly interior design showcase where everything is for sale. We bring together the best creative minds and the latest finds in a truly inspiring way. At the Design House you will see well-designed spaces that incorporate items that you never would have thought to put together. 

Had we not already filled a large SUV with wedding decor, I’m sure we would have tried to haul furniture, vintage bicycles, letters, tea sets and more, but as we were already quite packed, it was more of a visual feast. Oh what a visual feast it was! Mark your calendars and get yourself to that beautiful design house. You might just find me nestled in one of the bedrooms or whipping up something in their kitchen. I’m fairly convinced I could just pretend to live there until they accepted my adopted accommodations as true. Until then…


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  1. Ann

    One look at your photos, and I said to my mother, “She ‘got’ it.” You captured its rich essence, then I said, “Of COURSE, it was a rainy day. She caught the best of the mood that way.”

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