My First Ever Wedding Cake (Part II): They Do!

September 2012

In a Jeep full (FULL!) of cakes, icing and decor, my styling partner, Nicole and I ventured from Pittsburgh to Virginia wine country. It was time for Renee and Ramsey to join in holy matrimony, but first, it was time for us to decorate!


Notaviva Vineyard provided a beautiful backdrop to the wedding, and the threat of rain painted a terrific sky to contrast the beautiful greens of the vines. In a rather covert operation, Nicole kept watch while I cut a few grapevines for the table settings.

Vineyard Kiss and Cocktails




There it is! My first ever wedding cake (and cupcakes)…

Cake Table and Menu




Cutting the cake

Every time I talk about this lovely pair, I get misty [read: floodgates]. Every time! As breathtaking as the backdrop was, as beautiful as the decor came to be, as sweet as the cake tasted, none of it compared to the beauty and sweet sincerity of the vows exchanged between these two best friends.


“As your wife, I promise to love you as you are.”

“As your husband, I will try every day to be the best man I can be… and I know, now and forever, that when I wake up, I’ll always be happy to wake up next to you.”

[are you misting up yet?]

The Dance

Call me a romantic. Call me hopeless, but call me when you’re about to walk down that aisle because loves like this inspire me to no end! Who wouldn’t want to share in that special day? Thank you again Renee & Ramsey for embodying such true love and respect for one another, and thank you for including me in your special day!

All photos in this post taken by Photographick Studios, who did an amazing job!
Beautiful flower arrangements by Da Vinci’s Florist.
Not referenced, but worth noting, the couple’s wedding video was made by East West Productions.

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