Keepin’ It Real: Coffee & Curses

July 2012

Somewhere in this great, big world, is a yoga teacher who inspired my practice long after she left the room. Beyond her yoga insights and inspirations, a phrase of hers will stick with me forever. One of her students was about to make drastic changes to her diet, the type of changes that affect more than a shopping list. The yoga teacher encouraged her with ideas and affirmations, and then she uttered the phrase I have made into a mantra.

“There are two things in this world I’ll never give up: coffee and the f-bomb.”

For all the things we might give up in this world, it’s equally important to cling fiercely to something else. If you’re going to cling, why not cling to something dark, bold, undiluted and really fucking flavorful! Caffeine is one of my least concernes when it comes to coffee. Why I cling to it, is because of its complex flavors, varying textures and the experiences of gathering with friends or sipping slowly while reading or writing. However, that caffeine is, very often, a great perk!

In your coffee wanderings, might I suggest trying something new and intense? I spotted this bottle of cold pressed coffee at my local Whole Foods. Of course, this bottle could never fully pry me away from my true love for coffee in Pittsburgh- Espresso A Mano.

A Cold Pressed Bottled Coffee from La Colombe

Steeped for 16 hours in stainless steel wine tanks, free from oxygen, pressed and filtered twice, PURE BLACK is a bottled celebration of the culinary flavors of coffee – cocoa tones and sweet goodness. We recommend pouring PURE BLACK over ice.  100% Real – No Dilution & No Preservatives

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