Table Magazine + Porsche + e2 = “Drive & Dine Breakfast”

June 2012

It pays to join Table Magazine’s mailing list because when you do, you’ll receive emails like the one advertising the “Drive & Dine” event- an odd, yet enticing offer to test drive a Porsche at Auto Palace and then (more importantly in my book) be rewarded with a mimosa AND free donuts at one of my favorite Pittsburgh brunch institutions, e2.  Until Auto Palace decides they want to sponsor local bloggers, this was one of my few opportunities to drive a Porsche, so I recruited a pair of friends, who turned out to be waaaaay more into this than I ever imagined, and zipping and zeppoli-ing we went!

Red is my favorite color!  I think it suits me in its Porsche form, don’t you?

Ever wondered what the world looks like reflected in an expensive, German sports car? Pretty fantastic, let me tell you…!

Look how cute my Porsche loving pair of friends is…!

Rev it…

My test drive supervisor: “So what kind of car do you have?”

Me: “A red vespa… oh, and these two legs.”

Not having a lot of “car talk” to offer, I sought other avenues [intentional driving pun #1] of conversation with my passenger.  What’s the most unusual test drive experience he had had?  He once ended up eating dinner on a test drive. The husband/driver wanted to show his wife the car in question, and she was home prepping spaghetti.  Next thing you know, the three of them were eating dinner together (and probably talking mostly about Porsches).  Too bad it was only spaghetti [this girl ↑ = so judgmental].

↑ That’s me!

Step on that gas pedal a tad, accelerate through the morning [intentional driving pun #2], and next thing you know, we were reading the very Porsche-centric menu at e2.

Really this marketing event had me at free donuts!  Though I never expected to say it, a morning comprised of a Porsche drive followed by mimosas and ginger donuts is quite simply a very happy morning. Damn those rich folks.  They’re onto something with their expensive toys and lavish living!

The Fast Frenchy was my choice for refueling [intentional driving pun #3] with a few sneaky bites of my pal’s Cayman Carbonara.  How could I resist the creamy pasta with plump, sweet peas and chunks of salty bacon?!? As always with e2, the food was so fresh.  The style of the food may seem simple, but the flavors of each ingredient really shine. Even the toast has a complex contrast of textures and flavors- the toast!  Chef Kate has such a way with tomatoes and sauces.  Look at those beautiful reds…they’d match my new ride!

Me: “Heeeeey, Quit playin’.  Give me back my keys! Get back here!”

What’s next Table MagazineBeamers and Beignets? See you soon. Can’t wait!

The End.

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