Place Your Attention (Berry Port Wine Sauce)

May 2012

There were several post-birthday bites of maple mousse pie, but as the birthday treat progressively disappeared, the sauce persisted.  Finding uses for a blueberry and cherry port wine sauce is no grand feat, but finding a quiet, content moment in which to enjoy it, might take a bit more intention.

Sometimes I am so busy with my routines or antsy for my next phase in life, I find myself wishing for such a simple desire as reading poetry in the sunshine.  Then I step back and realize I can ignore the minuscule “obstacles,” pick up my book, sit outside and relish a moment just for me, myself et moi.  In a similar vein, a quiet cup of tea, buttery bread and a dripping drizzle of berries is an experience worth savoring.

What do you wish to experience?

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