Forest Fools & Forest Grains (Cabin Weekend Part I)

March 2012

I like going to his cabin in the woods, where the window shows a quietly passing creek, where mountains look like cluttered, blue shelves stacked with trees.  I like concocting in the kitchen and sharing the creations in front of the crackling fire.

I like the special cabin in the woods for the departure it offers, but I like it most of all because it’s really special to him!  It protects his memories, fosters his creativity and connects him to the people he loves, and I feel special when he shares that haven with me.

We drove with a car full of food, menu plans and conversation.  We settled into the warmth of the fire and the quiet of the cabin.  Wine nestled us into the night, and the next morning began simply.  The morning was two pastries split for the sake of variety, fruit for the sake of keeping the doctor away and an early[ish] start for the sake of adventuring!

I like him because he’s pretty foolish.

I like him because he fancies my own follies too, which makes us pretty lucky because lots of others would find us too ridiculous!

He led me across the cable and to the top of a mountain.  All the while, he told me the tall tale of Chimney Rock, where he would soon be perched precariously.  I’d tell the tale, but it’d spoil all the fun!  Then there’d be no trick once you arrived at the top, and it’s especially humbling to arrive at the top of a mountain, stare for miles and miles and know, deep down, he had you for a few minutes there!

I like him for that too!

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