A Diningsaur, A Pig & A Chicken

March 2012

I have forged a few foodie bonds through that chirping bird (exhibit A)!  One such Twitter foodie friend escaped the Pittsburgh scene before we even had a chance to meet.  I don’t fault Rodzilla Reviews too much, since he left for sunnier skies, West Coast vibes and to be involved with this appetizing endeavor.  Before he left Pittsburgh, he offered a parting giveaway:  a $40 gift certificate to Union Pig & Chicken (note the offering occurred prior to the opening, so the anticipation was intense!!).

Failing to internalize the “random” aspect of the giveaway, I offered this as the reason I should have won:

Esteemed Rodzilla,

If I win, I’ll wear an orange neckerchief AND bring a dinosaur to the dinner table. I’ll take lots of pictures, so you’ll feel as though you actually enjoyed the gift card. I’ll also be less bitter about you leaving for a warmer place. Additionally, this gift card would really help me not to crave Meat & Potatoes for one night (and maybe one night only). And if I really have to dig deep, I’ll throw out the term “care package” for the win [I’m holding off on my “care package” claims for the time being, since that diningsaur is busy feasting on beauties like this, in constant sunshine and perfect breezes]! In conclusion, thanks in advance!

Ever so humbly,


ps: I’m really competitive, so I’m trying really hard to resist trash talking here. I can’t promise anything if a lot more people respond.

I didn’t win.  The luck of the draw did not favor me, but true to my word…

Rodzilla the Diningsaur’s Trip to Union Pig & Chicken

He did try to eat the menu.  It made me questions his tastes.

Blueberry Mint Rock & Rye (a special for the night)
You sure were thirsty, but after the hints of berry and mint were gone, you concluded the Onion, Black Pepper & Local Maple Rock & Rye is still the superior drink option.

Pork Shoulder
Though you did eat your fair share of that shoulder, your consumption was largely aided by the flavor and strength of the sauces.  You were left wanting. 

Damn if you didn’t help yourself to that cornbread!  It’s so sweet and buttery!  I tried to fight you, but in the end, I let you win [full disclosure:  you complimented my orange neckerchief, and the flattery caused me to let down my guard].

You’d heard some negative comments about the beans, but what did that British fella know anyway?!?  You liked the sweet kick to the bbq beans, and you also wondered…were those bites of hotdog from the other Sousa joint?!?

Your favorite?!?  The ribs!  Obviously.  You were pretty luck to snag any ribs at all once Jono set his eyes on his bbq prize!  Your snarl must have intimidated him into sharing. That’s a good trick!

Rodzilla the Diningsaur forgot to add one more comment:  it was so obvious to him the menu lacks PIE!!!  Cherry pie would look lovely with the red checkerboard decor!  It would look even lovelier with a dollop of homemade ice cream?!?  Maybe pecan pie or a lemon chess pie would be more traditional?

In the end, Rodzilla loved the long wooden tables, wooden walls, low hanging lights and hints of red so much, he decided to stay at Union Pig & Chicken permanently (he was also feeling a little too greasy to enter the world anyway).

So concluded your bbq adventure With The Grains!

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      1. Notion when it re-opens! This and that were the two places I was/am most looking forward to.

        …this being there and not being there is confusing haha.

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