Be Brief. Be Bright. Be Gone.

February 2012

I spend a lot of time in a Bikram Yoga Hot Room, learning how to breathe. I very specifically say learning, as in the present participle, because the reeducation of the body is a lifelong commitment. I was reminded of just how ongoing this learning process is when my new boss started at my day job.  Here was a woman who was enthusiastic, optimistic and ready to face the great challenges ahead of us!  Here was a woman who believed I would be a tremendous asset! Here was a woman who saw how underutilized I had been, how many ideas were pent inside me, how ready I was to prove myself, and she was ready to embrace and encourage my role!  I took the deepest, longest, most rejuvenating breath I had taken in such a long, tolling time!

As a starting point, my boss began analyzing our team using the DISC assessment.  My scientifically grounded beau might be skeptical, but I’m on board with the use of these behavioral studies as one of the many tools for better understanding myself and how people can function together more harmoniously.  My initial reaction to my analysis was, “these results are pretty sassy.”  To which my boss told me, “no, it’s you who is sassy!”  Well then…

Not too surprisingly, the graphs, charts and texts pointed to my aesthetic drivers.  I seek beauty and harmony and experience.  I am people focused.  I want to relate to people in order to sell them on my ideas, but I may need to contextualize my ideas in terms of money and value if I am to convince others who are driven by different factors.

In return, when people are dealing with me, the assessment suggested, “Be brief.  Be Bright.  Be Gone.”  How about that sass?!?


I may not be brief in writing, but when it comes to freshly pressed juice, I am very brief, bright and gone!  Behold the hydrating, recharging, nutrient rich powers of the juicer’s bounty!  I couldn’t resist sharing nature’s orange hue set against the bluest of Pittsburgh skies!

Juicing is no science for yours truly, so go ahead and play with your palate and your palette.  On this particularly sunny morn, my body was craving carrots, citrus and the spicier kick of fresh ginger.

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