Birthday Day: A Snowventure!

January 21, 2012

Most of the time, the snow seems oppressive.  Without the promise of snow days, the white flurries usually mean a slipperier commute, cold feet, a windblown face, a constant need for excessive layering and an overall sense of gray sky gloom.  However, sometimes if I step back, zip up my warmest boots, grab a special pal, grab a camera and meander some place new, that very snow becomes magical, memorable and magenta!

As I marked my 28th year, the January snow seemed to beckon and call my inner child, so my fake Russian (in real Russian goggles) and I went to explore and play on a snowventure!

1.  Pack

2.  Precise [franglais “verb”]

3.  Launch!

4.  Snow kick retaliation [pretty proud of that height]!

Dear Pittsburgh,

Thanks for putting on your prettiest shades of pink and blue for my special day.  You really dazzled!


The Birthday Girl

PS:  It’s really lovely to recharge after a snowventure, and I knew just the place!

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