C is for Cookie and Collaboration, Part One

Holidays 2011

There is something so classic about red and white when winter chills are in the air, and when those classic colors come in a nutty cookie, even better!  When that cookie is cause for collaboration…better still!

The Cookie….

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The Collaboration!

Once upon a time, I posed in front of the camera- Adam’s camera!  There was a designer, a hairstylist, a make up artist- the whole works!  A few years passed, and Adam and I reconnected at the local source for world class coffee (where else?!?).  I was working on a blog post (what else?!?), and I sought Adam’s opinion as a photographer whose work I respected (which is saying A LOT coming from this little critic).  He was impressed and excited by my food styling, and shortly thereafter, a collaboration was born!  We both see the world in terms of props, lighting, the perfect shot and after all that, eating really good food!  Working together gives us both a new point of view and a chance to learn from each other.  On a surprisingly sunny day in November, the collaboration gave us some really great shots of some delicious cookies.

C’est moi…

About Adam Milliron
(From Adam’s website)

Today, one of the hardest tasks of a photographers’ job is setting your work apart from anyone who owns a camera and snaps photos with it. I always thought this was a challenge, to show others what I can do – until I realized that there is more to a photo than what meets the eye. I am creating a brand, an idea, a feeling, and often a lifestyle through my images. You learn to use lighting and composition as your canvas, creating images that make you happy and move brands forward.

About Milliron Studio

My newly renovated studio is located in the 10th ward of Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh. My staff is a group of people I have hand selected for not only their amazing talents but their ability to seamlessly work towards a common goal. A goal of creating stunning images while having fun and loving what we do.

Our work spans large catalog productions, high-end single page ads, product packaging, editorial magazines and volume web shots with clients ranging from small, independently owned businesses to national retail chains and monthly publications.

The studio offers full post-production services, in-house food and product styling and an extensive prop house. We specialize in retouching, design, creative direction and image handling services.

Without Further Ado…

Part Deux will ensue with more of my favorites from the shoot!  Stay tuned!

Happy Holiday Cookies!

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