2 (E2) = Delicious, Round Two

November 2011

I was eager to return to E2 after my first brunch visit.  We nearly drove right past the restaurant with its new coat of red paint, but fortunately, we righted our wrong and quickly found ourselves staring at the chalkboard menu.  As it turns out, when my mind reads “pumpkin” and “bread” and “pudding” in the same menu item, I stop reading completely.

I wasn’t planning on taking pictures or posting about this brunch.  Then the beignets arrived!  They were beautiful little beignets, but more importantly, they were deliciously warm and pulled apart in a way little girl me believed I could pull clouds apart.  Pulling apart clouds never would have been this rewarding, especially when paired with a dusting of powdered sugar and mug of coffee.

The brunch partner’s pick was the Polenta Peppernata topped with fried egg and a warm, spicy sauce.  The thick, bright, red sauce is what really made this dish for me.  It may have also been the extra kick of the sage I pillaged.  I probably could have gone with less polenta, but I also probably could have eaten a bowl of the sauce.

My sweet tooth picked our second plate:  Grilled Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Ice Cream!  What the description did not mention was the hidden layer of some sort of whipped pumpkin topping hidden beneath the rich, caramely grilled portions.  I thought I had eaten enough just when I discovered that pumpkiny center (yes, pumpkiny is a word), and the combination merited a few more bites- the really slow type of bite, followed by a brief, world-blocking, closing of the eyes and a quick licking of the lips.  Yes, those bites deserved all that.

Also, why don’t more breakfasts come with ice cream?!?!  More importantly, do parents really forbid their kids from eating ice cream for breakfast?  I’m positive a dollop could be part of a healthy start to the day!

Let’s be real.  I will eat brunch at E2 again, and I probably will take pictures and talk about it again.  In the meantime, my mouth is still watering at the prospect of a bite of that bread pudding.


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