Me, Myself & Tie Dye

November 2011

Every now and then, I like to offer the sneak peeks into the more private plate moments of my life.  These are my responses to the friends who asked me, “do you always eat like this?” while we enjoyed soup on a stoop as the sun set over our neighborhood.  On this particular afternoon, the leaves matched some of my fruits, and the balance I sought through fresh juice became a palette of tie dye.  It’s really important to soak up these sunny fall moments before this window view turns to puffs of white on bare limbs.  Enough of that talk.

Despite their dents and spots, I found these crisp, juicy, local apples to be quite a lovely trio.

My sweet potato and cinnamon scone came from Sustenance at the Pittsburgh Public Market.  After an energizing Bikram class, I was very content to support another baker and focus my attention on slicing, dicing, peeling, juicing…

…and color admiring!

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