The Purple Lips Dinner At Last

The Back Story

Me:  “I’m a sucker for romantic stories.”
Nicole:  “Please, there was no story with my ex.  When I met him my lips were stained purple with Malbec.”

Somehow that became one of my favorite stories anyway.  Purple lips.  Sometimes they are sought.  More often than not, they appear before you know it, and even more often, you find yourself flirting through purple lips you didn’t even know you had.  On other occasions, that lip stain is the goal of the evening.  This was one such occasion.  We were gathering around the table to be ladies with purple lips.  The menu in my head filled the table with purple foods for the occasion.  The song in my head was this.

The Full Dinner At Last…

Sara came down with a flu and was in a dayquil fog, so sadly, I had to remove one plate.

The Beets

The Chicken
(looking slightly massacred after I took a test cut)

The Purple Potatoes and The Almond-Pear Wine Tizzy

The last little drops…

…and the wine-stained end!

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