Finally…The Fall Dinner!

October 2011

I talked about A Bread For A Fall Dinner, A Beverage For A Fall Dinner and lastly A Pie for A Fall Dinner.  I wasn’t talking about just any fall dinner.  I was talking about this fall dinner.  It was a night of autumn leaves, candlelight, sweaters and cinnamon scents for the sake of good friends who just so happen to be great neighbors as well.

Squash soup might be one of the biggest factors in my embrace of fall and chilled air.  I would love to share my perfect squash soup recipe, but this was not the perfect soup recipe.  It wasn’t even a recipe.  In a nutshell?  It was an experiment.  Then it was an onion overload disaster.  Then it was quick and inventive flavor thinking.  Then it was salvaged.  Lastly, it was delicious.  In lieu of a recipe, I offer this garnish idea:  naturally dried cranberries, chunks of honey crisp apples, chopped pecans and a sprig of thyme.

Look who snuck into dinner in all her calculator watch glory…

We cut into that squash pie with its bourbon rosette and surprise chocolate layer, and then we headed to the neighborhood dive for the warm feeling of sipping bourbon.

Have a very festive fall y’all!

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