Autumnal Summer & Brunch at e2

October 2011

I had already wrapped myself in sweaters and vests when the temperatures took a turn that turned the corners of my lips into a smile:  sunshine and warmth!!  There was not a cloud in the sky, there was a guest on my couch, and there was a place I had not been yet.  It was time for an autumnal summer brunching adventure.

The people I trust for cappuccinos trust E2 for their sandwiches and beyond that, personally recommended E2’s brunch.  The cafe was on my mental bucket list of PGH things to see and do (and mostly eat).  As the summer sun was shining in October, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for my long overdue inaugural visit.

Before I even contemplated the menu, I was hooked by the interior palette, wood grains, photos, old wine bottles and the aged floor.  In a word:  ambiance!

(and the yellows).

It’s not very often that beignets are on the brunching menu around these parts.  Had their been more brunchers with us, I would have ordered a basket o’ beignets for the table, but as we were two, I had to focus on the main plates.  As a side note, though the menu lacks espresso drinks (due to the presence of Tazza D’Oro’s quality options just around the corner perhaps?), this here cup o’ coffee was quite noteworthy (and I’m one of those coffee snobs)!

Look at those autumnal colors against the hint of turquoise sky!  It was such a beautiful day, and I would personally like to thank E2 for their patio!  There just aren’t enough outdoor spaces for dining, and we almost had to kick a guy in his injured leg just to snag this spot… “just kidding.”

Anyone who has ever brunched with me can probably recite my balanced equation for the perfect brunch equilibrium:

savory (ideally egg based) + sweet (admittedly, my french toast addiction becomes very evident around this point in the equation) = Brunching Bliss!

ie:  The Savory
The prosciutto and roasted reds omelette served with salad and a heap of smooshed potatoes.  The large slices of red peppers not only made for a pleasing palette but pleased the palate!  There was a significantly bigger burst of flavor and crispness pronounced against the slices of prosciutto and provolone, and I’m not talking some weak ol’ deli provolone.  That provolone pulled its weight.

I’ve been known to brunch with that stern looking fella before, and let it be known, this time around, I was happy!

ie:  The Sweet
A thing of beauty!  “French toast with maple goat mess and fresh berries” (and served with a dainty extra plate nonetheless).  Note the perfectly reasonable portion size as well, which can be rare in these parts.

We both come from the maple syrup camp, so we requested an extra serving for adequate french toast saturation (not a drenching, mind you).  The syrup unexpectedly arrived in a little bowl and saucer of goodness, and its amber color really reflected the sunshine magically.

If you make it all the way to the quiet, little side street where E2 resides, you might as well turn around, climb a steepish hill and mosey around Highland Park, especially if you are trying to acquaint someone with the various neighborhoods of Pittsburgh.  Furthermore, we did not actually climb the steepish hill for reasons which will become clear as a digital photo, but usually, I do.

If only there were crystal clear bodies of water in Pittsburgh that were swimmable.  Alas, these beautiful blues are the waters of the reservoir.  No swimming hole here.

The reds had started to assert their presence.

The Autumnal Summer Adventuremobile…

…drove into the red tinged horizon onto other little explorations and some quiet moments.

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  1. mcody142

    Oh gosh this post just convinced me to go to E2 ASAP! Yum!

    1. withthegrains

      Thanks Molly! I hope you have a delicious experience at E2! Let me know how you fare. Bon appetit!

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