Quelcineanna Brunch (Swedish Visiting Cake)

August 2011

Look how adorable these ladies are!  Wouldn’t you want them to gather at your table at a  Sunday brunching hour?  I surely did, so I invited them to my dining room to talk about our recent transitions, our ideas for what’s next and other general murmurings that occur when a mouth is full of brunch!

Quelcy + Nina + Deanna = Quelcineanna Brunch!

Nina was fresh from a journey to Denmark.  I made a bit of a geographical leap in my baking theme with my choice of this Swedish Visiting Cake.  However, my goal was a touch of Scandinavian culture and more importantly, to try making a version of this cake in honor of my friendship with these lovely ladies (and maybe just a little bit due to my “mild” fascination with all things Swedish).

I don’t recall ever having bought a flower besides a prom boutonniere, but this Sunday occasion was worthy of the farmers market flower offering.

Supposedly, the name stems from the ease and speed of whipping up this cake at first sight of your friends approaching your home for an impromptu coffee visit and having it on the table by the time of their arrival.  As my Sunday visitors were planned, I had time to embellish this moist, nutty cake with cherries and cream.  The first bite reminded me of biting into the very best part of an almond croissant (one of my favorite pleasures in this world), and for that, I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with this cake.

(Local cantaloupe and cherries)

What a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, in my home, with two very creative, outgoing, smiling ladies!  Why else would I have spent so much time making this dining room just right?

I wanted to save a piece of this cake for the SigFig, but it didn’t last very long.  I rarely repeat recipes, but this one, I venture I shall add to my repertoire.  Better luck with the next batch, dear SigFig.

Signs of a good brunch…

There will surely be more cameos by these brunching ladies, and I cannot wait!

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